Fading Collapse

by Primary Colors

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Recorded at 21 Grand in August of 2011.

analog performance


released December 1, 2011

Synths/Vocals: Michael Wood
Percussion: Kevin Laird

Recorded by Max Brotman
Mixed/Mastered by Michael Wood

Album Art/Layout by Kevin Laird
Album Photography by Melissa Joy

Addtional Musicians:

Claping on Ciudad Eterna: Brooke, Max Brotman, Joey Casio

Lead Synth on Tapestry: Joey Casio
Percussion on Tapestry: Sean

Guitar on Ra: Vanessa Harris
Addtional Vocals on Ra:

Guitar on Deconsturction: Max Brotman
Female Vocals on Deconstruction: Brooke, Natalee Decker, Melissa Joy, Marissa Magic
Room of Clammering on Deconstruction:




Primary Colors Oakland, California

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Track Name: Ciudad Eterna
Steel touching water.
You watch it slip, down the center of a city, right in two.
The water's crashing.
These buildings sink right in time.
Track Name: Architects
Cold stare watching the window.
Pale reflection watching the window.
He's building a future that you can depend on.
Two hands building a future.
Now I'm building a future that you can depend on; I gotta get to work.
Track Name: In Abstract
She dances in gold like echoing silence.
I hear those guns, they pierce throught silence.
Track Name: DepEquMon
The distance between this modern ritual and need for absolutes.
Call it power and piece of mind.
Were all moving forward, getting closer, almost achieving...its really one in the same.
Its just as hard as catching your breath.
Content with comfort.
Track Name: Framework
A figure on the wall collects sound in pieces
placing them to shape his words.
There was a sudden blackout that
eyes will never look back at.
Workers from dividing lines
pick limbs from scattered print.
Always walk futher away.
What is silence? Who is that figure
those eyes wouldn't look back at?
Track Name: Fading Collapse
A fin de obtener dinero trabajaron hasta cinco.
felices viendo. Siempre mirando.
Su vida comer tiempo.
Mañana espera por el colapso desvanecimiento.
Fading collapse

In order to get the money they work till five
Happily watching, always watching
His life eating time.
Tomorrow’s waiting for the fading collapse.
Fading Collapse
Track Name: Irrelevant Action
What are decisions without answers?
Must be delusion, true delusion.
What is the proper question that
follows a statement of institution?
This trial of actors just like a pit of snakes
A frantic distraction...
A brief distraction ...
No concern of a dog's desire.
Its growing intolerable in here;
I feel at home in my fallout hole.
Track Name: Ra
I got this complex.
When my face is in the sand it slowly turns to glass.
Track Name: Tapestry
I've seen them now and before
walking like animals.
A forever setting sun on this concrete wall.
I can feel the days exhaust.
The fading horizon, watching it befall as the ice forms;
their voices reflect nothing.
Track Name: Deconstruction
How quickly the sun to gray.
Desert winds erode of the temple of the people.

(d zunn-a dree-het shh-nell gur-Ow)
Die Sonne dreht schnell grau

(VOo-Staa Vint e-row-deeer-enn dess Th-hempls dayr loy-ta)
Wüste wind erodieren des Tempels der Leute